Since the conflict between Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United States and the European Union have taken sanctions against Russia. Recently, it was reported from an American official that most of Russia's military and civilian industries have been greatly affected due to sanctions from Europe and the United States.

According to the United States Department of Commerce, 33 countries have implemented export control policies on Russia, and nearly half of Russia's imports come from these countries, which directly forced Russia to close one automobile manufacturer and shut down two tank factories.

The manufacturer of a device required for the active phased array radar of Russia's most advanced fighter jet, the Su 57, has also been requested by the United States not to provide the device to Russia. If this is the case, Russia, which cannot produce radar, will naturally lose its ability to produce the Su 57.

What's more fatal is that most of the semiconductors and Optical instrument required by the Russian military industry are imported. If they are subject to comprehensive sanctions, the Russian military industry will be severely damaged.

Russia's intelligence and military systems have also been hit by the withdrawal of TSMC, which provides chips, from the Russian market. At the same time, the United States has also issued a warning to Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, which is still providing technology to Russia.

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